C-A-L Ranch Farm & Supply store got its start in Idaho Falls in 1959 when it built a two story building at 675 Northgate Mile, towering over the Idaho Falls stockyards. The main floor served as a show floor for tools and other farm equipment, while the basement was used to store feed and other heavy products, which were lifted up by elevator. C-A-L Ranch ran their business at this location for almost 15 years before moving to a bigger location. In the 1970’s Jerry bought the building and started Jerry’s Machine and Parts, with a parts store on top and mechanic shop underneath. Jerry eventually leased the parts store to Robert and Kristy Johnson of Ririe, who ran multiple Pronto auto parts stores across Idaho. Jerry would later on sell the building to the couple but continue to lease the basement and run his business. The Johnson’s ran the Pronto Auto Parts at this location for over 30 years. 2018 saw the end of an era for this building, when the Parts Store closed followed closely by the machine shop. The stockyards located directly behind the building would also close the next year in 2019. The building then sat empty for 4 years with little interest. That changed in 2022 when Evan Johnson and Traason Pruett began to work on “One Stop Record Shop” in a small forgotten side of the building. They saw the potential of the space, even with the doors boarded up and the thick layers of dust covering the room. This space had once housed the offices of C-A-L Ranch employees, along with phones and security. After their departure in the early 70’s the room was used for storage for both parts stores, making it unseen to the public for almost 50 years. After over a year of work One Stop Record Shop finally opened on October 30th, 2023. We hope to continue this buildings legacy for growth and prosperity.

One Stop Record Shop

Welcome to One Stop Record Shop, where the rhythm of the past meets today. Located in the heart of Idaho Falls, at 675 Northgate Mile. One Stop began with us two 18-year-olds who share a profound love for music, culture, and the artistry of eras gone by.

At One Stop Record Shop, we offer a diverse selection of new and used records. Our collection spans genres, from classic rock anthems, to jazz, and plenty more, catering to the diverse tastes of our supporters.

But our catalog doesn't end there. Wander through our aisles, and you'll find antiques with their own history, handpicked jewelry, soothing scents of our incense, tapestries/posters to decorate your space, and tons more.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of the past and the promise of the future. Experience the magic of One Stop Record Shop, where the spirit of vintage lives on.

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